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1317 Frost Avenue • Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-776-1324

Our Showroom is Open 7 Days a Week!!!
Retail Hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 5:30pm,
10:30am - 4:00pm
11:00am - 3:00pm

"With 40 Years of Waterbed Experience, Our Knowledge of any or all Softsided Waterbeds is Unsurpassed"

Vinyl Products Softsided Waterbeds

100% Hand-Manufactured at the Federal Prison in Carson City, Nevada, using only the finest material: Dupont-Dow Corporation & Burlington House Products!!!

Please compare Waterbeds Minnesota with any other store for far better warranties in writing, and a far less price.

Please see Saver's Corner for even greater values!!!

Quality is not expensive - it's priceless!!!

Fact:- Waterbeds MN sells The Worlds Best Softsided Waterbeds by far, and all of our written warranties prove just that.
Waterbeds Minnesota has sold more Vinyl Products Softsided Waterbeds than any other Retail Store in the entire United States (both On-line and Brick and Mortar) through each one of years 2010 - 2018. We have once again accomplished this in 2019!!!
We Dare You!!!
The Softsided Cover represents over 50% of the entire cost of any softside bed. Please compare FULL written warranties on the cover itself. We guarantee our warranty to be at least 15 times, yes 15 times longer than our local competition. That's in writing!!! I gladly invite you to please stop by for comparison-shopping against our local competition.
Please compare our Top-Cover, using Dupont Fiber and Burlington House Fabric, with an American-made Zipper, to any other competitor throughout the entire world!!!
Waterbeds Minnesota has, on permanent display, an Eastern King Phoenix Pillowtop, for your viewing and trial.

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The Phoenix - 8.5" Deep-Fill Pillowtop Softsided Waterbed
Waterbeds Minnesota
  • Customer's choice of any waveless mattress desired
  • Free-2 years of Waterbed Conditioner
  • Free Waterbed Fill Kit
  • Deluxe Solid State Heater(s)
  • Softsided Waterbed On Display in our Store!!!

On Display in our Showroom!!!


The Pheonix Pillowtop
The Phoenix Pillowtop

This plush pillowtop mattress cover with Burlington House American-made Damask creates a luxurious feel when sleeping on this softside. This cover has an absolutely incredible feel to it. It also has a 360 degree American-made Heavy Duty Zipper for easy top removal.

The Phoenix carries a 4 year full warranty, including the pillowtop cover for 4 full years, and an additional 11 year pro-rated warranty, and is always in-stock for immediate pick up or delivery.

There are no additional charges or "Starting at" charges at Waterbeds Minnesota. You the customer may choose the waterbed mattress from any of the initial five 8.5 Deep-Fill waterbed mattress shown on the softside mattress page. Click here

We Dare You!!!
Compare our "Phoenix" Softsided Waterbed Mattress Cover with any Local Competitor, and ask for FULL written warranties on the cover itself. We guarantee our warranty to be 15 times more, in writing!!!
Waterbeds Minnesota of Maplewood, MN

The Phoenix includes your choice of:

  • Any of our initial five Softside Waterbed Waveless Mattress 8.5 Deep Fill Click here
  • Solid State Heater(s)
  • Free Waterbed Fill Kit
  • Free-2 years of Waterbed Conditioner
  • 4 year 100% Full Warranty on Heavy-duty Zippered Waterbed Mattress Cover, Foam Rails & Foundations!!!

Walk-in Special Only!!!

Queen Size Phoenix Pillowtop, Complete...Just $1,199.95!!!
or the Entire Pillowtop (Top Only) Queen Size...Just $999.95!!!
Eastern King Phoenix Pillowtop, Complete...Just $1,399.95!!!

or the Entire Pillowtop (Top Only) Eastern King Size...Just $1,199.95!!!

NOTE: Waterbeds MN does ship Softsided Waterbeds across the U.S. but customer must call Bob (at anytime, as to discuss options & rates).

Please compare our much heavier-weight and extra-thickness of our USA-made cover, to any other competitor in the world!!!

Waterbeds Minnesota has no, or never will have, "Starting Prices" on the Waveless Mattress that you choose in your purchase of either of our softsided waterbed(s). You the customer can choose any of the initial 5 Waveless Mattresses, all on display in our store, at no extra charge!!!
Click here
If customer desires any of the 5 Waveless Mattresses in a Dual System and w/an additional Heater, please add...just $99.95!!!
Fact:- The World's Best Softsided Waterbed by far, and all of our written warranties prove just that.

4 year 100% Warranty on Entire Softsided Waterbeds!!!
You the customer can choose any one of the 8.5 Fill Waterbed Mattress at no additional charge!!!
Click here
Vinyl Products    The Worlds Best Softsided Waterbed!!!, by any standard or test.

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Vinyl Products Softside Flotation Features

20% More Sleeping Surface
100% Feather Edge sleeping surface provides continuous and uninterrupted edge
to edge sleeping with a soft comfortable edge to sleep or sit on.

Premium Constructed Anti-Stretch Cover
Materials by:
The DuPont Corporation
Burlington House - Celanese High Quality Damask Waterbed Mattress Cover
Van Waters & Rogers Bioguard

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About Vinyl Products...America's Best Sleep

Now in their 42nd year, VINYL PRODUCTS was first
established in 1970.

VINYL PRODUCTS is the Country’s Oldest, Largest
and Leading Manufacturer of Quality
100% American made Softsided Waterbed
carrying the Crafted With Pride Logo.

We Dare You!!!
Compare our Waterbed Mattress Softsided Covers with any of our
local competitor's and ask for FULL warranties on the cover itself.
We guarantee our warranty to be 15 times more or longer in writing!!!

Please contact Bob at 651-776-1324 for any questions, or to place an order.
I'll personally assist you.

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